Remove learning implants

Been playing for nearly 8 years, never used a +5 implant.

This is a problem of your own creation.

Like Mike says. Just unplug your learning implants and it’s like your idea has come true.

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About as meaningful as the learning skills we had earlier. You of course could choose to ignore those, but realistically everyone skilled them and considered them mandatory, so in the end they got removed. Just like learning implants are not a choice, they are mandatory. You can easily see that if you look at the PvP implants and see that they also come with a learning boost.

Even if we take his point as valid, which I don’t because I’ve had my ship popped more than once without losing my pod with it…

It’s still a choice he makes, with many other options available. He can replace the training points with various fitting bonuses, performance enhancements, or if ISK is such a big deal, nothing at all.

Regardless, it’s a choice and it’s up to him to decide which is most important to him.

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If that is my own creation then why do all the other people not leave high-sec because of their valuable learning implants?

So use +2 or 3 or 4.

There is nothing mandatory about learning implants. You get to pick your level of cost/reward

Who are these people?

Cause i live in hisec and go into low, null and wh’s

And most ppl pick the +4/+5 ones and choose not to leave high sec. The entire game suffers from that. And yet there is such a simple solution to fix that.

I have neve had to put in a learning implant. I have several sets just laying in a box, and I do have them in my head, but at no point were they mandatory.

Learning Skills were only slightly different. They were not a choice because they were not mutually exclusive with anything else you were doing. You trained them, or suffered a draw back, but at no point was there a benefit to not having trained them. Thus no meaningful choice.

So you think everyone is like you? And no one goes into low, null or wh’s??

Have you looked at the map? Or the killboards?

If I now remove my learning implants and continue to fly around in high-sec, then what is my benefit of not having them? There is none. There is only a big drawback of not putting in the best available learning implants you can get.

That’s a choice you make.

If you take them out and replace them with a full set of something else? Now you have a benefit.

Meaning you have decided that the training boost is more beneficial to you than what else you could stick there or at worst the mitigated loss from not having them.

Please name any alternative implants I can put in that give me a realistic benefit in high-sec.

That’s entirely up to you.

I can’t tell you what should be important to you.

For a very simple reason: no single implant exists, that gives me a realistic benefit in high-sec over the learning implants. All other implants are designed to give you an edge in a time-critical situation. Time-critical situations do not exist in high-sec, therefore the value of such implants is very low. Learning implants are the only realistic option.

And yet people in hisec are using various implants. Not even all learning implants let alone all +5’s. Check the kill boards.

It’s just a few people that have this irrational fear.

That’s your estimation.

That’s the choice you make.

I can tell you that if you have never run into a time critical situation while playing, even in high-sec, then you have lived a very blessed space life.

But what is important to you isn’t necessarily important to anyone else. You find the training boost to be paramount—then stick it in there. You find the (laughable) cost of them too high to risk? Then get a clone and buy some +3 for a fraction of the cost and a minor cut to your boost.

You, and you alone, set the importance of those relative values. Welcome to EVE.

I’d also point out that by your own posting, this isn’t about learning implants in high sec. If you are in high sec where things are so easy for you, then by all means, get a set of +5 and call it a day.

But your concern was the cost of those implants elsewhere than high-sec. So you now have an even more pressing need for whatever benefit might come of making a different choice.

How much is that choice worth? Completely up to you.

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I just did. I picked the top 3 non-empty capsule kills in high-sec and guess what implants they were using? Learning implants. All of them.

It’s called a calculated risk. If I know that npcs in L4 missions don’t do more than 600 dps, then a ship that can tank more cannot die. And I don’t need any implants for that, I can just use standard fitting. Same goes for all other situations: the risk is easy to calculate, therefore you will never need to boost yourself over the edge.

So you don’t take risks? Ok. Good for you.

Sounds, once again, like a choice You make. There are other choices.

But they aren’t +5’s.

You said there is no choice when it comes to implants. But there obviously is.