Remove localized chat logs from players

Currently it is an option for players to have the game automatically save all game logs, this includes chat logs which for a long period has been used in tandem with programs such as Near2 and Wintel. These progams automate the process of having an intel network, and should be banned.

It is hard to recognize that a person is using the above mentioned programs, and I therefore propose removing chat logs all together, as they have no “real” use for players beyond for third party intel tools!

I save chatlogs because, on frequent occasion, interesting conversations are had in chat and I have reason to reference back to them later for links or information pertinent to later discussions. I strongly suspect that the number of players who use chatlogs for this sort of purpose is significantly greater than the number of players who have even HEARD of those programs.


I suspect a troll response to get nothing done from a <2 months old character.

Allmost the entirety of nullsec krabs make use of these programs so your statement is simply incorrect.

I responded to your post in good faith. I’m a newly returned player and yes, this character is younger than two months. You don’t have to be insulting just because I disagreed with you.


It should be banned

Instead of them being created by default, just add option in a chat menu to export them manually. This way you can preserve meaningful convos and deny instant access for programs mentioned above.

Reason #9084530293472093420935420394029348 to make Blackout permanent.

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Yep :slight_smile:

It wouldent be too hard to make an intel tool that parses text from an image or an video showing the intel channel. Banning the logs would not serve the purpose you suggest it would. And even if you went ahead and banned all kinds of automation related to intel, there is nothing stoping players doing it manualy, yes it would be more work, but it wouldent make a difrence, except make more organised groups even more apealing than they currently are.

I give you +1 for advancing the might of the imperium.

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Reason #9084530293472093420935420394029349 to make Blackout permanent.

You can’t always do that, though. You might be having conversations with questionable people who kick you out when they realize they’ve made a mistake, to prevent you from taking a screenshot and/or saving the conversation.

This change would hurt both blackmailing and making sure people with questionable intents can get exposed to a wider audience. Having at least a chatlog, which is saved automatically, is better than having nothing at all.

Plus, in the end, it’ll help literally nothing at all because real time OCR is a widespread and easy thing to have.

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reason why people save chat logs report people doing inappropriate things in chat and Reporting Bots spam

If you don’t post anything in chat you don’t show up in chat logs.

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