A way to reduce the amount of dirty swearing in chat. ССPLease!

There are people who regularly swear in the chat. On politicians, on other players, nations, minorities are insulted, they talk a lot and have no relation to the game. I have seen them for over a year now, and sometimes they can pour mud in the chat for 8 hours. Our excellent admins do almost everything they can. And they ban these accounts. But the trolls immediately enter another, pre-created account. Why do I say that these are the same people? They say the same thing all the time. With the same words. And they continue to brainwash the children.

I propose to develop a mechanism that allows you to ban not by the address on the network and not by the account name, but by the computer. The server, if a player is banned for a serious reason, must read some individual computer identifier. Which is hard to change. Perhaps the game itself should create it if the account was banned. And no longer serve someone who has proven for many hours that he does not respect the rules of the game. Don’t get me wrong, this is the lesser evil.
Sorry for the bad English.

Could just add a password to the chat and only invite those who are not trolls.

Report them, block them, and move on; CCP will ban them when they have a chance.

Everything you suggest about ways to create ‘permanent’ bans can be gotten around by players who don’t care about the ToS/EULA - which is clearly the case when said players are already breaking the rules.

Unfortunately, the situation has not changed for a year. The trolls are banned, but they immediately change their nickname and continue. The CCP has not yet coped with this, and the game master comes very rarely. In principle, there is a good method that was worked out back in 1990. Banned by keywords. Moreover, dictionaries were created, suggesting both the replacement of letters and the distortion of words. The ban is immediate, immediately after uttering. In general, I don’t care how it will be implemented. I am opposed to the propaganda of falling morals in the chat. And I want the ССP, understanding the measure of responsibility, to do something in this direction. If the situation does not change, then this chat is not needed. Because it does more harm than good.

This is a help chat in Russian. All beginners go there in search of knowledge. And when carrying cargo far away, experienced pilots have time to respond and help. But this is used to carry on propaganda and corrupt people.

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@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode @ISD_Buldath Anything either one of you can do? Russian help chat??

The most I can do is recommend that more Russian players volunteer for STAR duties and actively help, as that will really help with moderation. :grinning:


All this is a little less funny than you think. If there are no volunteers now, then there are reasons for people not to do this. If the owners of the game do not want to spend money on the compliance of the game with the norms of a civilized society, this is also their choice. But do they know about the problem? You can not only “recommend”. You are able to voice the problem to those who really make decisions. I would also like to point out that I could resolve this issue in one letter. After which the chats in our country would stop functioning. It’s easy to do. But I don’t think this is the right way. This is really a last resort. I will help you make a decision. Imagine you have a child. And he enters the game. And there is a wise, authoritative uncle who teaches him bad things every day. That it is good to swear. That all women are bitches. That different nations hate each other and wish each other harm. Of course, this is not even the worst. The worst thing is that they teach cattle thinking.
Would you like this to your child?
You and me, and the owners of the game, we are adults. We are not begging and should not feel weak. No one should violate the law and moral standards like this for show, constantly. You don’t need to “recommend” anything. You must slam the cage if the beast is dangerous. I know this way. And you?

I can forward this thread to people higher up, but the majority of moderation performed in the Help Channels, particularly the Russian ones, are done by Russian speaking ISD, hence why I recommended you apply for it if you’d like to be able to help in them. Here is the link to fill out an application. Barring that, I recommend filing a petition about the issue to get it more visibility, so the issue can be addressed. Is there anything else you’d like help with today?

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  • Welcome to the internet OP.

  • New players ARE NOT CHILDREN, they are gamers.

  • Do feel free to harden up a bit.

Alas, I have very little time. About 30 minutes a day for a game, and not every day. It would be strange if I spent all of them on moderation. Maybe those who profit from the game will do this? I prefer that the problem is solved by professionals, finally and with a guaranteed result. Since you can’t help it, I’ll really try another way.

Не надо мне садиться на уши. Я же не ваш заказчик. Делайте своё дело пока не закрыли.

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