Remove mobile depots and all anchorable containers

Useless trash that just clutters. But muh muh Tengu refits. Welp… htfu.

Thank you.

No one likes space trash , but the solution is not to remove them. The solution is to make them easier to destroy and cut their lifespan .


The solution is to set your overview so it doesn’t show them - they both have their place in other people’s Eve, even if you don’t use them.

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I’d rather not be decloaked by invisible space trash. Or have an enemy warp right on me because I was accidentally flying next to space trash.

As long as space trash exists, you are at a severe disadvantage if you just make it invisible, as it will kill you. Invisible space trash kills.

Visible space trash on the other hand doesn’t kill my ship, but it kills FPS, the overview and immersion.

Just make it all disappear sooner and easier to be destroyed, and declare the rookie systems a no-anchorables zone.

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Yeah, but you can also control when you have these things hidden. It is easy enough to have alternate overview profiles for different activities - and each character gets their own overview settings, so you can hide things on your HS hauler that wouldn’t impact your cloaky explorer/hunter.

If your FPS is killed by having a couple of cans or a depot on grid you have bigger issues, the only time i’ve had issues is with the spam outside jita 4-4 on occasion, but that hasn’t ever gotten me killed


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