Remove output dropdown from BPO research or give it purpose

Current situation

Currently BPO research shows an “output location” dropdown, which in reality doesn’t do anything for researched BPOs. A support member confirmed that in a bug report comment questioning this behavior (removed original quote from support staff due to policies)

The output dropdown shown in the screenshot below is therefore at best some visual clutter and at worst a source for confusion.


Remove the output dropdown for BPO research, since it clearly serves no practical purpose.


Allow the BPO to change location upon research for easier BPO management (I would like to move researched BPOs to a different container for better overview)


If you gave multiple blue print cans that is a requirement.
I use BPO and BPC cans.i have mates that have small cans for each ship class size and turret , as well as dedicated ammo cans.

something tells me there is more to what the GM or CCP member has stated which is why this is in the rules:

You may not publish private communications from CCP, their agents or representatives or EVE Online volunteers without authorization.

As mentioned by the CCP member, its by design that it’s there, and most likely for other reasons, to which you most likely conveniently left out of the communication with CCP.

this was all they replied, but since you mentioned it, I removed the original quote from the thread.

And yes, this is only about moving BPOs upon research completion, not about copy/invention. The output dropdown still exists for research, for which it doesn’t do anything if specified. I have tons of containers for BPCs to manage them upon copy output, but it does not work for BPOs when researching them, and according to the support staff, this seems to be by design as the BPO is not an “output” of the process.

Except the BPO is an output, as it is not the same BPO that went in (from a code perspective), so I would think it legitimately should have the ability to move between locations. :thinking: I agree that either they need to remove the drop-down, or have the movement feature actually work - it is nonsensical as-is.

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