Remove some of the connection points in eve null

“big boys” dont exist in null sec. migits with tanks do.
today’s “average” Null player is 100% more risk adverse than today’s “average” High secker. the black out has proved this beyond doubt.
high seckers complain about NPC miners and Trg-recond fleets yet they are still out in space mining, mission running, exploring ect.
Null bares are unsubbing because CCP, the company that has 100% control of the game and its direction, have pulled the rug out from under the ISK printing press and made Null actually challenging and interesting

I agree with a lot of this, Though i think this state of isk-obese people are ccp’s fault. Supers and Capitals are out of control and lack any definitive role out sode if the omega omg super op ratting or noob blob ship.

If capitals had to rat vs capitals this would control the isk a lot better, and prevent things like the above.

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1 ) Safety In Null sec? Laughable. defeats the entire purpose of lawless space. And dont bring up the major alliances who have over years established “Control” of a region without asking CCP to delete stargates in inconvenient locations.
2 ) of course there are more wars in highsec you have mass wardecs there, drop those merc alliances and what do you have?
3) constant war is a good thing, otherwise stagnation and less ISK destroyed you said it yourself.
4) im starting to think your the second coming of Saint Dryson Bennington with these threads

Actually it does not. It puts a massive amount of value into the identity of your alliance. This gives huges amounts of power to the narrative aspects of eve. In fact, (player narrative it) is so important, it probably is the most important aspect of eve, and definitely is the most important of null.

If anything, we should be shifting high and low to being more like null

Merc alliances and corps are massively ineffective for the most part, because most (and i say most because i am being fair, but i want to say all) are garbage and really do nothing. Unless there is some sort of mechanical way to force them to do something, it’d basically stay this way.

You obviously dont look at the economic reports.
Did you know that ship destruction (Pve + pvp) has no impact on the economy?

Do you know what does impact the economy? The taxes in stations, the repairs, and the insurance.

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