Removed from sale

(Heem Yo'Pullah) #1

I am selling this character as I never use him.
He has effective standings of over 7.0 to the following:
Sisters of Eve.

He can pull Level 5 missions for Republic Security Services which make for good isk and is what I had used him for previously.
At time of sale he will be located at Jita IV-IV .
Has no killrights or bad history etc.


I’m open to offers and will only sell when I get one in happy with.

(Project Winter) #2

ill start you off with 4.5b

(Heem Yo'Pullah) #3

Thanks for the offer I will definitely be looking for more though.

(Mister Slone) #4

eveboard password please

(Project Winter) #5

always try 132 12345 123456 and 90% it works.
I don’t really understand whe people put password when selling character :slight_smile:
FYI 12345 was for this toon

(Mister Slone) #6

Right ! :slight_smile: Thanks you

(Heem Yo'Pullah) #7

Apologies, I thought I had removed the password. I’ll sort that now.

(Heem Yo'Pullah) #8

Daily bump

(Project Winter) #9

Ill raise to 5.5b

(Heem Yo'Pullah) #10

Apologies, circumstances have changed and I need to continue to use this character. Thank you for the interest.

(Inactive Seller) #11

can i suggest you to change the title in the first post ?


(system) #12

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