Oh man, this topic stinks.

Hmmm No mention of COVID-19 here

This post is inappropriate.

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I dont get this reference.

Is this one of those Caprican “jokes” we Taurans hear about but never actually hear?

CCP have been offering free access to their game since 2016.


The other companies are offering free access to premium pay content. Check out Lotro

This is EVE. No poors allowed…


CCP have been doing this since the introduction of PLEX and the ability to exchange isk for it in order to play the game without forking over your hard earned RL currency.

Please insert another coin to continue.

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Oh, my Alpha clone may now command a tech II ship?

No, nor do you need to in order to play the game…

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I read your initial post as an attempt (on your part) to use the international health crisis to extort financial advantage from CCP, during this difficult time.

If this was not your intent, perhaps you should reword your original post.


Alphas. Give 'em an inch and they’ll take a mile…

We should give some of them some rope…

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Calm down, miner…

dear OP @Alicina_Goodbody,
it could have been a cool suggestion to make to CCP.
However, you chose a confrontational manner to make your point and it will probably miss its mark.
If they still give this some attention it will be despite your vicious post.
Yours sincerely, etc.