Rens and Hek are loosing ground even more?

Hi Traders,
Rens and Hek never have been the top market places in the game, but I somehow have the feeling in recent months they have lost even more ground compared to other marked places. Especially Dodixie seems to have improved.

  • What are your opinions about this?
  • Do you observe the same?
  • Any ideas why this is happening?

so … you cant proofe it ? its just a feeling ? maybe your feeling are wrong ! maybe feelings are bad if you want to discuss a change ! maybe you need to observe it first and have a point and no feelings ?

Thank you for your feedback, and no I can not provide any proof. This is why I just share by “feelings” to listen what others have observed. So what are your concrete observations?

You sure about that?

I think Jita was and still is the top lol.

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Re-read. They admit they werent the top markets.


I would say I have had the opposite results, I have tons of open sell orders in Dodixie and can’t seem to keep Hek and Rens supplied.

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Supply harder :wink:
Thank you for keeping Rens market alive.

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