【Repaid】 1T -> 500b -> 385b uncollateralised bond @ 2%/month for ~3-10~ 19 months

ISK received.

Isk received thank you

Hey elizabeth, I’ve been reading through your previous bonds and curious how exactly they work? Is it just as simple as I buy a 1 bil bond, and once you’ve done whatever you do with the isk, i get the 1bil back with the interest?

If so I may like to invest a few bil into your next bond :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s how it works. It’s just like a loan. I pay the x% interest monthly, then when it finishes you get your initial investment back.

right, shes building trust until she manages to get like a 20tn isk bond filled then, bye felicia

Hey, did Elizabeth provided a reason that you can trust her? Just asking, because she posted in my thread this:

The Links posted in first post, are all dead…

I guess the years spent calling out scammers, general posting, evidence of my trading/growth, and the many (mostly) successful various loans and deals I’ve acted as a third party for spoke for themselves in the original thread for my 1T bond. It was years before I started requesting ISK without providing collateral. I did write a little in my third party thread for the benefit of people who don’t frequent MD.

Yeah, it looks like CCP’s archive for the old forums is down at the moment. I’ve added links to EVE Search and Google mirrors of them.

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Please don’t scam me Norn.

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I still remember you scamming me, you’d deserve it.

What? You probably deserved it for quitting Eve.

who cheated on who and how?

This guy thinks he’s gonna get real dirt. :rofl:

@Droodid @Bad_Bobby @Noctaly @Jin_taan @Kahawa_Oban @Lord_Hook @Zahara_Cody

I’ve just paid the tenth month’s interest.

I haven’t paid back the principal as planned, but I’m aiming to do so in the next month or two. If anyone wants their ISK right now let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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Take a day off and extract all your sp already Norn. Do it now, because I’m going to be extracting my own sp at the end of the month and I don’t want injectors to be under 800mil then :/.

I’ve got 1.5k extractors if you need any :stuck_out_tongue:

Received, thanks. Hang on to it as long as you want!

No quit, vacation.
Give me some free AT ships and I’ll consider logging in to claim them.

I want handouts.

Go back to Obama.

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No rush on my part Norn, thanks for the wonderful free ISK that I frittered away on nonsense solo PvP adventures :slight_smile:

Once again received with thanks, hold onto as long as you want/need @Elizabeth_Norn

I imagine theyll be 700-750 mil after youre done.