【Repaid】 1T -> 500b -> 385b uncollateralised bond @ 2%/month for ~3-10~ 19 months

I cashed out for another project. All principal returned and interest paid.
Good doing business.

@Droodid @Bad_Bobby @Noctaly @Lord_Hook @Zahara_Cody

I’ve just paid the eighteenth month’s interest.

Zahara Cody has chosen to cash out.

Confirmed that I have cashed out… Thanks Norn!

Received, thanks. Sorry for the late reply!

I was on an hiatus for several months. During this time, @Elizabeth_Norn paid interests without any problem.

I can confirm I received all months interest since the start of the bond :slight_smile:


Just thought I’d post to say that I too have been on hiatus and have received all interest payments.

Not that I expected any less!

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@Droodid @Bad_Bobby @Noctaly @Lord_Hook

I’ve just paid the nineteenth month’s interest.

Received thank you

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Received, thank you

@Droodid @Bad_Bobby @Noctaly @Lord_Hook

I’ve just paid the nineteenth month’s interest and the principal, thus closing this bond.

I’m gonna continue my sort of break now, maybe I’ll be back in the future. I’d quote one of the Rules of Acquisition here, but I broke too many and they took my card.

Thanks to all the investors.

ISK received, thank you

Received, Liz. Thanks again.

ISK received, thank you

All received thank you