Repair field, highly specialized fleet support ships

A module or dedicated ship that repairs everything friendly in a small (say, 5km) range. Repair speed is slower than active repair modules. If it’s a ship it could have a fleet bay, and very limited offensive capability. It could have an ammo bay that can accessed by fleet members , or something similar. These ships could also have dedicated fleet support capabilities, maybe fleet support capabilities that can be centered on a drone. Such a ship should be quite fragile.

A fleet support ship can not be fragile.
This just results in a ship that never gets used, because if it ever takes the field in its intended role, it gets alpha’ed off the field instantly.

is it it just a better force auxiliary with a repair command burst

This would be the perfect counter if the EDENCOM ships would ever be powerful and in need of a counter.

As EDENCOM ships are rather useless in PvP fleets (never seen them yet), I feel hesitant about introducing a ship that cancels them.

Also the gameplay of an area of effect repair rather than targeted repairs feels like a boring fleet role (a bit like flying links), unlike the existing role of logi which requires you to target the right ships on time to keep them alive.

I’m afraid this ship would replace an interactive fleet role with a much less interactive one.

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