Replacement for blackout - No plex subsciptions for multiaccount users

Blackout is soon gone. Reducing EVE subsciption numbers are probably reason for this. I have idea how to lower plex price and make EVE more interesting place after blackout.

Plex price has increased because endless amount of multiaccount Rorqual miners are maintaining their accounts with plex. I propose fix for this. You can only pay 1-2 subsciption accounts with plex and rest needs to be payed other ways with real money. This would lower plex price and attract more subscibers for EVE.

Comments are welcome for my idea.

How will you enforce this?

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You can add 1 more status. For example, gold omega. a character with this status only can buy PLEX. Only when a character is brought into the game with this status can windows with usually omega status be started. Gold omega status can be acquired only for payment in your account on the EVE website.

PLEX actually makes CCP more money than a regular sub. Less people buying PLEX = less money for CCP.

Indeed, PLEX bought from CCP commands quite the premium when compared to a sub, and every PLEX originally comes from CCP.

Unfortunately this basic fact appears to be incomprehensible for some.

plex prices go up because thats the price people are willing to pay when people quit buying plex for say 2.1b than it will fall until people decide to buy it.

the botters buying the plex just have a little less isk going to their RMT market but they will buy it up quick

Why would anyone use this “Gold” Omega then?

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