Report depot spam?

so some jerkoff deployed hundreds of depots in amarr close to the tradehub station, and now everytime you undock, the game drops significantly in FPS, and undocking in general has become a laggy mess, how can i get CCP to remove these stupid things ? ive read you can report depot spam but i dont know the correct channels to do it through…

The most efficient way to report botting and such in EVE is to go into your bedroom, pick out the thickest pillow, and scream your complaint into it. This has roughly the same effect as the in-game tools provided.

It’s possible to do this without the pillow but given the amount of botting and such in EVE, out of consideration for the people you live with and/or your neighbors it’s highly recommended.


Who chased off the space janitor who was reinforcing them all?

Btw this is what you get with a 48 hour reinforcement timer.

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Report it as structure spam via a support ticket under Rules and Terms -> Eula violations.

And, just personally, I would also report the character who chased off the guy who attacked these structures for helping to facilitate botting. But that’s up to you because weird people like Falcon would probably warn you for reporting an “innocent” character for a serious offense.


What a crappy remark…simply shut up…

Well, he’s not wrong. Filing a report with CCP is a joke.


First off I don’t see how you can be banned for spamming depots. Sure its annoying, and stupid but ban? Maybe the game shouldn’t let him deploy 75 of them to begin with. It just seems like a waste of a GMs time.

  1. Remove the suspect flag for shooting mobile depots (including tractors).
  2. Remove the 48-hour reinforcement on depots.

Problem solved.

Not here.

thats why i asked the question dumbass

Did you think writing a ticket to support wasn’t the way to go?

Was my answer incorrect?

The depot spam to deliberately cause lag to pilots undocking is the same as many years ago camping gates in null with dozens of drones out. Back then CCP nerfed drone boats like my beloved Dominix to limit the amount of drones you could launch. Depot spamming is no different and CCP should just remove them and limit the future exploitation of this obvious and flagrant attempt to create lag for the purposes of gaining an unfair advantage due to lag. Not to mention it detracts from the aesthetics of the game environment, and apparently in many cases profane and abusive language is utilized with no regard to other players sensitivities, and the spelling errors…
It’s a blight to be sure.

Yes, I agree that it’s a blight. But what’s the point in reporting it? If CCP does eventually respond and remove them, it’s not like there will be any lasting repercussions. And some chucklehead will just copycat the behaviour and we’re back to square one all over again.

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