Reprocessing a Fenrir

I made the mistake of purchasing a Fenrir in a heavily camped low sec station.

misaba is camped 24/7. Even the surrounding systems appear to have people acting as lookouts.

Even if, by some miracle, I made it out of the station and got to the gate, there would probably be someone waiting to scram me on the other side.

So I’m thinking the only way to recoup my losses would be to convert it to minerals.

What should I make out if it? Is there anything compact enough to fit on small, staelthy, or quick ships?

Yet valuable enough to be worth the time?


RIP dude, yea theres no way that Fenrir is getting out lol, unless you move it at DT with a webber alt

Sell it at half off on the market and have somebody else take the risk.

Total for sure.

Sucker someone else into buying it off you and run with the isk.
Don’t reprocess it, that’s a real shitty idea.

PM me in game if You wanna move it out. BR.

It seems I’m the schmuck who did that! It was about 200 mil cheaper than Jita/Perimeter.


There are filters on the market so you can remove low/null results if you are not equipped to retrieve items from those regions. It can help with avoiding these kinds of bait listings.

Maybe you can make a deal with the people camping the area. If they already have the place locked down they are uniquely situated to move it themselves.

Depending on the value of the asset to you, you only have to hold the undock for a short while, then log off in space to get the attention off you… This rest is the usual low sec transit .

So …mercs?..though it might be too costly isk wise, but otherwise it will create some content for everyone.

Just a thought.

exit → jump ?

With Titan bridge, or what you mean with jump, GATE jump?

my b I thought it was a nomad.

You can keep it in station, it’s not expensive anyhow.

It would take some time but you can probe the system for a WH leading to HS. Im assuming the guys who sold it to you are the same ones trying to kill you and did it as a trap and you are more than 1 jump from HS.

reprocessing gets you half the value in minerals. so clearly you can sell the ship itself at a loss and come out much better. your investment is already below jita prices, so dropping it a bit more may find you a buyer. good luck

How dare you say we pirates sold this nice person a ship! That station happens to be a Asset Safety station, We at the Misaba Pawn Shop Team would love to help you. Please feel free to get in contact with me in game. We can work something out. We maybe pirates but we do understand a Capsuleer in need.

Tokugawa Tsunayososhi
Misaba Pawn Shop Team
Harrowing Harlots, CEO

Just stick back up on the market cheeper than anyplace else and loose about 100 mill or so

That’s a really good idea! I just looked into this to make sure: Misaba’s station has industry. And Eve University article says that yes: you can make the non-super capitals in low sec stations.

So I can use the Fenrir as an ingredient to make a Nomad.

Maybe some people caught in asset safety would sell me the weird tech 2 parts? I can put up some market orders and see.

Plus there is no hurry. It’s not like my freighter alt has the skills to use a JF yet anyway.

edit: accidentally eliminated the original post.

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You will need a freighter to move the minerals in. The stations with industry usually have a base 30% reprocess so not worth moving compressed ore there. Most of the cost comes from the capital parts, that needs a lot of BPC. I advise to get the nomad BPC and then the capital parts and T2 parts.

The bpc is 100M in contracts for 3/2.

then you need Screenshot at 10:39:34.png - Imgur