Repurposing R.Db and other manufacturing goodies

I found out that R.Dbs once had a purpose with helping research Tech 2 BPOs, but since T2 BPOs were taken off of circulation, there’s almost no use for the R.Dbs, other than to research the Prototype Cloaking Device blueprint, which looks like it’s the only Tech 1 BPO that uses only two of them (Ishukone and Creodron), leaving the rest to just collect dust.

Maybe the R.Dbs, and other products like it that kind of got left on the wayside, could be repurposed? Maybe they can be used to make Tech 1 Metas from T1 BPOs? Or a newly-required ingredient for already-existing Tech 2 gear (only because I noticed some T2 stuff was built by some of those companies on their R.Dbs)? Or, rather than have them be produced in batches of 100 like a consumable, maybe make them a kind of “item” that helps facilitate material/time efficiency, whether specific ones for specific items, or they all do the same job with varying quantity/quality?

Or simply remove them and get rid of another batch of old, spaghetti code? There is no reason to add another pointless complexity.

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