[REQ] Ishtar PVE Armor Tank Fit

Have not played in about 4 years. I see I’m missing a midslot so my shield tank’d ishy is broke.

Post some pve armor fits for the Ishtar please.

After the HAC rebalance, Ishtar ruled the heavens with sentry drones that alpha-ed everything of the field that dared to look at the general direction.

Instead of nerfing the Ishtar, CCP nerf light missiles launchers, that were totally out of control or something.

Only 2 years later, the Ishtar lost one mid slot and got a low slot.

If you wait until Friday, you can fit the new damage control and an armor tank.

The Ishtar has 6 low slots. One slot can be reserved for a damage control. That leaves 5 slots for armor hardeners, reps and a drone damage amplifier.

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