Request for a Dedicated #Hypernet channel, get the hypernet ads out of #Blueprints

A persistent #Hypernet channel is needed … when you “join channels” Under Trade there is only:
Minerals and Manufacturing
Modules and Munitions
Real Estate

There needs to be a Hypernet channel here. This will get the hypernet ads out of Blueprints and somewhere for the hypernet creators to post their ads.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: That’s cute. :smirk:

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if they have somewhere to go, where they belong it should get most of the ads out :slight_smile:

They are spammers by nature, spamming local chats and others usually from disposable alts they biomass on a daily basis. Maybe just my opinion but I think they would spam in both and probably others just as is now the case in my estimation.

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if there was some moderation once a channel is created. Imho blueprints would go back to just blueprint ads like it used to be before hypernet was created