Requesting the ability to *directly* look up wars of a corp/alliance

It’s not possible directly.

The only way of doing it now, is …

  1. Grabbing ALL WarIDs … over SIX HUNDRED THIRTY THOUSAND so far.
  2. Resolving ALL of them.
  3. Searching for that one specific entity inside all of that data.

I’m not even touching on the fact that one can not grab all Wars at once. /wars/ only gives the most recent ones, which means that every single war ID has to be resolved seperately! That not only takes AGES (630.000 requests and counting), it’s also going to hog the CPU completely, because not threading all the requests would be absolute madness!

Imagine I write a locally used “War Explorer” who does exactly that. I understand that, if I had it running on a server, I could just cache the data on the server. I write tools which are being used locally, though, so everyone using it would have to go through the list above. It’s a waste of CCP’s bandwidth/CPU and a waste of the User’s time/bandwidth.

Client side storage isn’t really an option either! The sum of all resolved WarIDs exceeds the amount of bytes offered by all options for local storage except one, indexeddb, and that one is an unnecessary mess to work with.

Compression isn’t really an option either. Compressing all resolved Wars into a zipfile using WinRAR results in a file that’s FIFTEEN MEGABYTES large! The uncompressed file has OVER TWO HUNDRED!

IndexedDB is a ■■■■■■■ mess and adds an amount of effort that’s absolutely not in relation to what I want to do.

Cookies are too small. I know what the spec about Cookies says, but I also know what people say. They say that the real world and the spec are two different cakes. I do not see how an “unlimited cookie size” could ever be a good thing anyway.

Local Storage is only required to be at least five megabytes of size, which means it varies per browser and there’s no guarantee it’ll be big enough.

I hereby request the ability to directly look up the past and current Wars of a corp/alliance.


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The ■■■■ ? how is it linked ? You can multiplex requests in a connection, it is easy.
You can send and received 10 000 per second simultaneous requests with a very small CPU overhead.

If you want a new path you need to go here , people will be better at answering you.
Also you should add links to related paths in your OP :

Anyhow you client is not supposed to hold the war informations. You need a server for this, to answer your specific requests.
If you want to do something that works correctly on the client, I have bad news for you (wait until you load market data for 365 days and for 10 000 items …)

Because one can spam multiple dozens of threads, per core, until each core is saturated. Yes, that actually pays off as long as there’s enough bandwidth. I’ve spent a few days working out how to programmatically let a program come up with the optimal amount.

No, I don’t. The people I’m talking to know exactly what I’m talking about.

No, I don’t. No one does. Please avoid telling people how to think and program. It’s not your call to make. If you have nothing constructive to add, and “do as i say because I know best” is all you have, (which is what you do most of the time, btw) then please just don’t respond. I will simply ignore it.


why would they be saturated ?

  1. you are talking to no one .
  2. anybody you are not talking to can still understand your post
  3. even if you are talking to someone who understands the issue perfectly (like me), it’s a good thing to give quick access to informations… ■■■■ this seriously you are dumb. Lazy, close-minded, and dumb.

Yes you do. You just realized you actually do.

I did not tell you how to THINK, I told you how it CAN work if you want it to. Yet you can do nothing, I don’t care.
But please stop eating nails, it seems to be hurting your butt.

My answer was twofold :

  1. how you can do it now. And NOW you need a server to do that since as YOU realized it’s not possible to hold the data cache in cookies.
  2. where you are SUPPOSED TO put your suggestion for ESI, in order for it to change and you being able to do it without the need for a server.

Please remember that sand makes a bad anal lubricant next time. That’ll avoid you from being a bleeding asshole.
Use crushed glass instead.

The forum is not the right place to request ESI features.
That should be done on GitHub:
Please, do search for existing issues, before creating a new one.
That said, it’s generally the philosophy of ESI to not offer filter, as it mess with caching.

Since you’re requesting features here, I will assume you’re new’ish to ESI, so here is a link to pretty much everything you need to know: I especially want to encourage you to join the esi channel on twitterfleet slack, that is the place to be.

please don’t tell him how to think. Lol.

Don’t be like that. Not everyone can know everything when they first start out working with esi.
So, we help them, because, that is the right thing to do.

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That’s the think I did too

I helped him because that’s the right thing to do. I even told him how he can do now to make it work. But he answered aggressively by stating he is right and nothing must changed, especially not him - and no effort must be made, especially by him.

My issue is, he does not want to be helped. He want to be spoonfed.

I will be honest, I didn’t read the whole thread.
I just glanced over it and missed you already pointed him to esi-issues.


I know and you were right not doing so, this thread is just a waste of time. Now I even regret wasting my time making the same answer you did.

Thanks, mate. The last time someone brought this up was in 2017.

I’ll just keep it for myself, then. :slight_smile:

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