Viewing War Record

I was looking through war records and had some issues loading. I wanted to click the “view allies” button and it said “defender has 3 allies” when I hovered over it but when I clicked on it, it said “no allies in the war.” Is this because it’s an old war and there are no allies in the war right now (since it’s over)? It doesn’t make for a very good record if it’s kind of incomplete after the war. The only way I was able to retrieve the allies was by fishing out the zKillboard, which wasn’t even completely accurate since I knew many of their Basalisks are permaflashy, so many people not involved in the war probably ended on those killmails.

The war interface doesn’t seem to keep ally records. Probably because allies can change over the course of the war at different periods.

Awww nuts. Well, this makes sense. But it does make it hard reminiscence.

Imagine it does like this

A “hey remember that fight we were in in 2021?”

B “Uh… no…”

A “But (insert name of their CEO) asked for us and we took out that huge fleet and were even temporary blue”

C “oh (name of CEO) isn’t online this week. I’m sure it was a cool story, I don’t remember it though”

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