Rescue in J111003

(Thrice Hapus) #1

One thing you might not know about our rescue operations is just what a team effort it is. The following was originally posted on our corp forums by one of our Search and Rescue Assistant Coordinators, Igaze:

I was home sick yesterday and after sleeping the morning away I logged in in the afternoon to do some rescue caches. I was one system out from Thera happily scanning when Captain Crinkle spake my name thrice to summon me to a SAR. dazzaS18 was in J111003 and had been informed by Allison there was a lost pilot in the system [who] had been there since the 14th but wasn’t online so he was looking for direction.

I checked Tripwire and the path dazzaS18 had taken was seven jumps deep from high sec. I started working on a path to get there while dazzaS18 continued scanning. I headed back to Thera and was just on my way to the long high sec path when dazzaS18 found a null-sec connection through the Great Wildlands that was seven jumps from a Thera hole. Back to Thera I went and down into null sec. The Great Wildlands were nice and quiet and I managed to make my way to J111003.

In the meantime dazzaS18 had parked in system and logged off. I emailed [REDACTED] and his alt to say we were there and also logged off as the family and I were headed off to Wonder Woman. Four hours later I logged back on only to find I had missed him by an hour or so. Noticing the local j-space topography had changed I started scanning and updating Tripwire. I found a high sec connection three jumps out so I mapped them and headed back to J111003. There I put the three bookmarks back to high sec in the rescue cache and emailed instructions on how to find them. I knew dazzaS18 was coming back online soon so I cc’d him as well.

This morning while I was getting ready for work [REDACTED] emailed me that he got the bookmarks but only made it one jump as the next one had expired. I took a look at Tripwire and discovered dazzaS18 had been working and there was a high sec link one system over from where [REDACTED] had stopped. I had about 20 minutes before I had to head to work so I logged on and convo’d him.

After that convo, our rescue pilots were able to get the stranded pilot out to hisec in time for him to catch a plane for a trip. Well done!

This rescue involved three different rescue pilots directly. When you consider the behind-the-scenes support from tools we rely on to do our job well (Tripwire, Signal Cartel Co-Pilot, etc.), there are literally dozens of folks who helped pull off this rescue. And the truth is that every rescue is like that. What a rush! And what fun to be part of such a great team of dedicated, selfless pilots.

If you’re ever stranded in a wormhole, give us a shout in the “EvE-Scout” channel in-game. There’s a whole team of folks ready to rush to your aid!

(Veskin Sentinel) #2

This is brilliant! Well done, guys, keep up the good work! :rocket:

(DeMichael Crimson) #3

Excellent, reminds me of the old Eve days when players were more inclined to help others compared to how it is now.

Keep up the good work.


(Graabeerd Khagah) #4

Hats off to Signal Cartel! What a great bunch of people who work tirelessly 24/7 to mapping and providing the various services they provide to the community. Mynxee and Johnny have a very well put together program and I hope that the community will suport them into the future.

As they say, "The Signal Never Stops’. 07 wink::blush::wink::blush: