(Research) Wormhole moon contents

Not redacted and in update process results of c6 moon scanning.
Google spreadsheet.


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iirc we will get only regular ores in wh/highsec perhaps if we could recevie gases in moons this could be also interessing

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sisi, c2 and 5

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All the ores in SiSi are totally random and you cannot use them as your basis.

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They said in the february 13th update devblog that whs will recieve the low end types of moon goo and in smallet quantities than lowsec and nullsec :):stuck_out_tongue:
But ice ore would be nice if they added like 5% of total ore amount to be ice.
Especiallt if fuel block consumtion will spike with the upwell 2.0 update getting closer and closer.



first results available

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