Reshipping on Grid: Pod Tethering on Capital Ships

Let capsules be able to tether to capital ships (ones that have ship maintenance bays) so that people can board ships from the ship maintenance bay without getting blapped or pointed.

However, it wouldn’t be just like tethering. The difference would be is that your pod could not warp while tethered to a capital unless you exclude yourself from this pod tethering ability similar to excluding yourself from fleet warp. Your pod would also be immune to smart bombs while tethered to capital ship.

Imagine you have a new pilot in your fleet and they loose a ship and your far from a base of operations or they are too far from a capital to board a ship. With the ability I mentioned, they could move their pod back to the nearest capital in thier fleet without getting blapped or being able to warp away safely. This would keep people fighting on grid without having to go x many jumps back to get a new ship.

Dock capital, leave ship. Board other ship. All is good.

Remember, you cannot change ships while you have an active weapon timer. This means the pod will have to sit next to the capital for that minute while waiting out the timer.

Also, I worry about some of the possible exploits of this mechanic… Have a super with a hangar full of HICs and 2 pilots. The 2 pilots could swap out to HICs in succession, basically creating a HIC bubble that has the EHP of all the HICs a super could hold. This seems… Excessive.

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