Resist Changes and Technical Issues with Events

Hey guys,

first, you nerf the resists which pretty much are making C4 wormholes stupid. They can not be run with solo battleships anymore - or only stupid expensive fits - so that really makes C4 useless compared to C5s. So basically our wormhole is worthless now.

Also, the technical issues you have the with current event really sucks. Everyone really wants to have the skillpoints and you are just making it impossible to get the accurals. Now people need to be out there even more and are dying pointlessly in the sites - due to resist nerfs - or hunters due to extended farm times and farm times in only specific windows where it is technically possible. Easy bait.

Realling struggeling to fly safe,

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One of the biggest reasons why CCP nerfed resists was to encourage players to fleet together to accomplish tasks, including higher end PVE content (that should never have been soloable in the first place). CCP wants to discourage lone-wolfing and see more collaborate gameplay. This is an MMO, after all.


I can agree CCP needs to rebalance abyssal space in relation to resist nerfs due to restrictions on how many players can enter any one instance since you cannot compensate for the resist nerfs with additional manpower (even a three frig co-op might struggle, though not as much as a lone cruiser). I am 100% fond of Surgical Strike, but I do think the only (major) change needed is to address Abyssal specifically.

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  1. If C4 sites cannot be run solo anymore, these are useless systems to wormholers. If you need to fleet up in the first place, you would run C5 or C6 sites instead but never C4 sites. Did they really create C4 wormholes with sites that make no sense to be run?

  2. The technical issues were that the kills were not accounted for. After three days it was solved, although one could also count the DDoS issues into this here as well. Looks like it has gotten better in the past few days.


well then run C3 sites solo … pfff … as if there is no other things …
“uuuhhhh i cant do my easy isk anymore now”
you guys sound like kids …


The notion that “mid-range” content would be skipped over entirely is nonsensical. Not everyone has the sufficient fits, skill levels, manpower, or piloting talent to jump into the highest end content of the game in the fleets they have.


hey i talkted to some firends i have … they still run sites in C4 and C5 WH with no problems
some solo, some in team and some multiboxing … so maybe you do it wrong


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