[RESOLVED] - 2018/12/06 - Login Issues


(Yamato Watanabe) #221

maybe it is because of the omega restrictions and having to pay to keep using your bigger ships…

(SeerinDarkness) #222

there is only 1 good reply the bloody CSM is why we are were we are now.,

(StarRunner Warphound) #223

launcher just started downloading update again. maybe they are pushing a fix??

(Fobos Achasse) #224

The best eve story i have ever seen

(Morgan Parmala) #225

Good luck fixing the issues CCP :slight_smile: will be back after lunch. If the issue isn’t fixed your all fired :stuck_out_tongue:

(Seknorak) #226

Way to put your dad on blast. lmao

(Chakotay Bahadoer) #227

Hope the issue will be resolved soon. Waiting for several hours now.

(mu mengbibili) #228

The number of people continues to decline -100,Currently only 10798 are online.When will it be settled?

(Masters Patrouette) #229

When I first tried to login (at 06:30 (my time), there were something like 15,000 players online. It is now down to 10,916 (and the time is 07:17) - over 45 minutes has elapsed and still no fix or answers to the login problem.

(Goatwi Hornedone) #230

Now i’ll have to go shopping with my mother … CCP you are treading on thin ice here ^^

(Autum Knight) #231

Getting RSI from having to retype 5 sets of account details in a vain attemp to gain entry to the game … funny how it says there are 10k players on… must be a V.I.P. day just letting the most valued pilots in!

(Caboose2018) #232

I wonder if CCP has tried… rebooting their computers

(Mr Secret Business) #233

omg yes

(Fobos Achasse) #234

LOL, can we hit 0 online?

(luke spacy) #235

can we get a time frame for when i can logon again?

(Gaius Mileghere) #236

just show us on the doll where your narcissistic rage touched you. CCP are on top of this.

(Cooper Meghezi) #237

They have answer and realize the problem at 1300UTC

(Dora Dekkart) #238

Guess I’ll shower and put on pants today. Maybe take out the trash, do the dishes…

(Brikulis) #239

I hop ccp will give for all 30day play time

(Caboose2018) #240

It won’t be worth coming back without at least a large skill injector for everyone \o/