[RESOLVED] - 2018/12/06 - Login Issues


(Tenger Kortel Journalism) #241

So CCP change something in the Code… Why I havent got an Update for my Launcher? Because I think it have to do to verify the launcher too. Just guessing.

(Yamato Watanabe) #242

no way! :open_mouth:

(Warren Morris) #243

what for a couple of ours outage , silly person

(Cytral) #244

Massive o2 outage in the UK impacting other worldwide services. Co-incidence? this may not be CCP issue

(SeerinDarkness) #245

more like on the bottom with the server on top

(Mr Secret Business) #246

Bethesda devs would be an upgrade

(Caboose2018) #247

I could’ve made over a billion doing a level 3 WH site during this downtime

(Warrior Xena) #248

Yeah you make the same mistake as many people here assuming that there are any real programmers in the launcher team.

(Lane Maethrillean) #249

ITs the end of the wooooooooooooorld

(Autum Knight) #251

Not a Narcissist lol i’m a sociopath and i have a certificate to prove it !!!
not that it changes CCP incompetence any

(Goatwi Hornedone) #252

still need to pay there as well ^^

(mu mengbibili) #253

current online 10681

(Irie Igunen) #254

So subscription costs around 50 cents a day, and this issue has been about 3 hours, so 6 cents worth?

(dirtdevil) #255

the test server are still working

(jcjven car) #256

now working

(Brikulis) #257

o yeee ccp dane working gg

(Rain177aker Skywalker) #258

multiple by the numbers of players? count that

(Caboose2018) #259

Good idea, let’s all go on the test server and blow stuff up in a 100 ISK Paladin

(Victor Dalisay) #260

its working now!!!

(Clarissa Trump) #261