[RESOLVED] - 2018/12/06 - Login Issues


(Valentina Hawks) #284

win 8 and can’t log in :aussieparrot:

(Tenger Kortel Journalism) #285

Now its works again!

(dirtdevil) #286

YAY i can sleep now that i know EVE is back up

(Kuni Nai) #287

Afternoon CCP, can confirm logon @13:25 GMT using original launcher links.

Well done.

(Had pate on toast btw, I know you were wondering).

(Caboose2018) #288

Back to mining arkonor I guess \o/

(Dora Dekkart) #289

I was able to login. Im in game now.

(Menenhetet Neteru) #290

Game is up…got all 9 accounts in :slight_smile:

(Caboose2018) #291

Yay guristas just warped in \o/

(Nikolai Tzestu) #292

A billion from C3 wormhole sites? Hardly. The highest paying site in a C3 (Outpost Frontier Stronghold) pays 45m. The servers have been own for what, an hour? SO unless you are running the sites in under 3 minutes your billion isk claim is utter bulls**t

(Machella-El S'Jet) #293

Yip. There nothing CCP or any one else that can do anything about it but replace the parts. The shear amounts of logins and data will burn out any data handling components.

(ody sseus) #294

im able login tranq but cnt log in sisi
error msg : incompatible (build)

thats relaited to falcon post or anything els?
ty o7

(Gaius Mileghere) #295

the O2 outage has been going since yesterday.

(Angry OldDude) #296

login working now

(Garth Dideus Badasaz) #297

Lol, all these withdrawn posts

(Sonoros Rahl) #298

yep, i’m in

(Sho'Riagl Khardula) #299

Only withdrew mine cos I forgot which account I was typing with - and it made no sense for this toon :slight_smile:

(Ymenoa Merenet) #300

Game is back for me

(Voy Putonsky) #301

Game working here. Gj.

(SylarAtomic) #302

Thanks for the updates. I guess I’ll see what the outside likes like :grimacing:

(SylarAtomic) #303

NVMD It’s working!