[Resolved] Left clicks sometimes not registering in Industry BP List

For some reason some left clicks are not registering on eve industry BP list sometimes. Its only in the Industry window. When it happens I have to use the curser keys to move between BP’s. I don’t have this problem with any other software on my machine so its not my mouse.

would recommend submitting a bug with the steps in-game via F12 → Bug Report so the technical information from your client can be captured and shared with the developers.

User error
I was clicking in the wrong place

Not necessarily a user error. Ever since Photon became a thing, the submit button, for instance, is very inconsistent with registering clicks. I click it several times in a row when I submit jobs and sometimes it registers 3 clicks, sometimes 2, sometimes only 1. It’s just a Photon thing that makes the came so much better.

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