[Resolved] Unexpected Node Restart

Dear players,
We are experiencing some unexpected issues with one of our Tranquility nodes that requires a brief restart of that node. We expect only some players will be affected by this, however it will cause players online on that node to be disconnected. We will be issuing a restart at 21:55 UTC. Please get safe before.

If there are any unexpected issues following this restart, we will update this thread.

Thank you for understanding!

e: The node was successfully restarted at 21:56 UTC. We are continuing to monitor the situation.


don;t be shy that was funny lol

It’s almost if CCP is ran by just 1 person.

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who is getting affected

The in-game link to find this thread didn’t even work.


same for me

Are you being mean ? It felt a bit …phobic.


Only a wardec fleet of 190 pilots was affeted.



CCP adds standings and status icons (e.g., criminal flag) to the chat system, and keeps them there for well over a decade, then claims that chat isn’t an intel tool so they don’t have egg on their face when they break it for an entire week…

Then sends out a question today about how important is chat with answers like “I can’t live without it”., Thinking emoji…

On the other hand, at least they’re communicating about this issue which was a significant improvement of the chat crap show.

However, I disagree with your tone around inclusivity. Eve needs to become more inclusive and welcoming if we want it to survive through the third decade. It also needs proper communication and well, proper maintenance of essential game services cough BRing website but I wont hold my breath on that one :stuck_out_tongue:


Good job CCP , you are doing good job …


Im glad im not alone

Thanks for the ingame notification


We good yet?

If that was meant to be sarcastic, there was one

I know. I was quite surprised!

Is this because I was trying to fly into Jove space?

I was damn close I guess then.


i was promised a reset 5 mins ago…

Perhaps an idea to let us know what players might be affected? Or once the restart of the node has been completed? So we can all get back to what we were doing…


You mean like being unable to change corp for over half an hour…while the rest of the fleet warps off ?

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I must’ve logged in after the notification. Surprise! Fortunately I had just finished up and docked.