Resource redistribution status

So, five months (or 142 days - 0,40 years if you prefer) since this new resorce distribution thing started and we´ve got two major nerfs, some vague updates and no real info on the future or next steps.

Maybe this 10k m3 spod rocks are just the “new normal” for resources or is it really something happening apart from direct indiscriminated nerfs?

Edit: Changed uberimportant fail in rounding up dates.




December the 17th to May the 7th? half a year?

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he’s using imperial date system, I guess.


Perhaps he’s lost a couple of the fingers he uses to count stuff…

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We’re still in the scarcity phase step 3 of up to 5. Guessing that redistribution is probably scheduled for quadrant 3 and dynamic redistribution for quadrant 4. If you’re looking for instant gratification, you’re in the wrong place!

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Don’t mind him and his spod brain

Let´s assume 5 steps per 3 stages, that´s 15 steps. I don´t think that being at 1/5 of the progress after 5 months and asking for info is aspiring to “instant gratification”…

Your assumption implies:

  • Linearity. I believe the scarcity phase will be longer - it isn’t just mechanics that need to change. Stockpiles need to be drawn down and players need to adapt to a new paradigm.
  • Predictive process. I believe this is an adaptive process. The number of steps and their duration will vary depending on player behavior.
  • You’re assuming CCP would tell us if they knew - which would be incredibly disruptive to the in game market!

In short: CCP has no idea and they will continue to nerf all resources until they think they have enough.

or thay have their idea but won’t annonce it in advance

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