Resource Redistribution Update

They will respond when their shareholders start losing money - that is, when only a few thousand players end up logging in… all Alphas.

They’re actively sabotaging that self-printing money machine because I don’t see many players paying for a game where ALL they can possibly do is Pew-Pew and Kabooms without the hope of replacing their Pew-Pew machines at a reasonable price.

And less players means less Pew-pews and less Kabooms so those who stay for the PvP will also see their Fun Factor go down. Those players who get PvP’d all the time because there isn’t enough players will quit too and it’ll be a snowball effect of exodus out of N.E and into other online games.

But disregard this comment if you feel that Eve isn’t going from bad to worse.


If it’s ccp it’s not publicly traded
I think it’s Iceland’s IT…
even if it is…this is a money maker where the owner WANTS high turnover as word of mouth and a few spurs with minor updates/videos and showing on steam top game downloads all the time due to free initial download…

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I don’t blame you for quitting this game. CCP has done everything in their power to drive players like you away.
I have Omega until October - I got it for 60 days, before I realized that CCP didn’t want me to have fun in their game - and that’s been a waste of money, obviously.

Gears 5 looks to be a fun game. I’ll try it over this weekend. it can’t be as messed up as EVE is right now… See you there then.


I’m having fun with DMC5…it was 50% off the deluxe edition last week.
Burned out on NMS…don’t want to even try.

The only space game that I cared for…EVE. Is now hauling game. Why would I waste subscription for that?

Pearl Abyss is known to make grindfest games.

Your social tricks “choose your side” and petty rewards that have no value and are purely based on dopamine don’t work on me.


adrenaline for me was the thing…but I grew immune

I see a total fixation of the economy/centralize in…jita at a fixed price, comrades.

Yes, THAT ^^^ is exactly what I was thinking about while writing my last post.
CCP is counting on all those new players who are - presently - unaware that EVE is an online money trap.
What will they do when most Alphas realize that going Omega isn’t worth it anymore ?


Go back pre-retribution patch and it would soar but require more monitoring and censorship. Just revert to a more popular point…ffs Trash citadels and alphas…their honeypot.

the tldw of the twitch stream that stuck with me are:

  • “The CSM have nothing to do with this. We left them completely in the dark”
  • “Trust us. We know that may be difficult. But trust us.”
  • “We are in the darkest, most difficult phase of the changes. After this it gets better”
  • “What happens now is temporary”
  • “Yes, it’s been all ‘sticks’ up to now, but the ‘carrots’ are coming”
  • “Ride it out. Those that quit will come back when they see what we implement”
  • “There are many more steps coming. Steps are necessary to make adjustments”
  • “We prepare the game for the third decade. We want EvE to go on forever”
  • when asked if a more detailed, accompanying devblog would be more appropriate to reduce the commotion in the community: “These changes are needed and will be implemented”
  • when told that with shortage of minerals daytrading would need to be sped up again:“interesting feedback, thank you”
  • and when asked to explain WHY these changes are necessary and WHAT was wrong with the EvE economy: “It’s no use dwelling on the past, we must look to the future”

Any important things I missed ?


I have already Unsub so Eve get no more actual money from me. Unless they Listen up!


so they sed alot of words and actually explained nothing


same im now alpha lol

Mine runs out in Nov and March but I have done it and sent them the reason why that’s all we can do! It’s our game not theirs! The thing is I can make a ton of Isk Ratting in the WH’s and this I do. However the mining is what keeps me sane and allows me to use my Indy skills. I make tons of Isk and this isn’t nerfed however they took out the part of the game that I enjoy the most!


Maybe, yes. There are enough people who love EVE that will come back. We see it all the time. Only, it will be players who haven’t found their spot in other MMO’s. With all the new games coming out, EVE might be left in the dust.


the thing is this game costs players more than xbox live

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I have been wanting this for YEARS. Ofcourse many comfy miners are gong to be sad.

its not the miners that are just affected its the whole food chain pvp kill miners all the time but when the food gose so will the pvp


Just anoter pile of dirt on the grave.

Typical CCP. Bye :wave: