Resource Redistribution Update

Get some friends, fly a Porpoise fleet, you have loads of remote reps, heavy drone DPS. More than enough to scare lone pilots off.
Or just buy minerals. If you weren’t making a profit compared to buying minerals on the market you were actually making an opportunity loss before anyway, and just didn’t realise it.

I will be canceling my sub thanks to this change to the game. No idea what you people were thinking

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Reading the Dev blog is a great way to know what the Devs were thinking, considering they explain it there.

they will be losing subs wether i read it or not


thanks for killinhg the game i loved 8 years long.
after every loss i had as industrial, i had a chance to rebuild myself based on the output of the
belts… now you took everything and tell me to pay for it.
@CCP youre only pvp focused atm and dont think about anything else.
thx for killing industry

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you just removed what I love to do in this game mine/blueprints/produce things

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Ok… So, you aren’t actually interested in knowing what they were thinking then, you are just quitting because your life might have gotten harder.
Or possibly easier if you are a miner as you’ll actually make more isk.
Don’t forget to send your stuff to someone (preferably me)

Edit addition.

They haven’t killed industry, they’ve actually made it better if you are smart because they’ve removed the ‘minerals I mine are free’ crowd from most of the market since most people will have to buy at least some of their minerals. This is GOOD for anyone serious about industry.


I am a skilled indy/PVE toon, not PVP trained. My understanding is that mining ships do not have the ability to defend themselves when flying solo in low or null-sec. You think hi-sec miners don’t add anything to EVE? You are sadly mistaken. Hi-sec miners can and have, and i know this first hand. I can build a wide variety of things from ammo to ships all while mining in hi-sec.
Do not assume that hi-sec mining is not profitable. I have the billions of ISK in ships to prove otherwise. Saying that hi-sec players do not add anything pretty much tells me you are a low or null-sec toon and don’t have a clue.
I don’t think you would care much for someone that has no experience in how you play saying you should change.


This isn’t quite accurate, a Battle Skiff is a dangerous target, and will kill some ships solo. However evasion is also a form of defense and there are 3 excellent frigates with their own evasion means.
In short, it is possible to mine solo in low & null, and you should be already making a profit relative to market mineral prices or opportunity cost is actually meaning you are making a loss, so buying off the market isn’t an issue, and was needed for highsec production anyway.

Perhaps this is not a smart choice in a PvP game.

I can build a wide variety of things from ammo to ships all while mining in hi-sec.

That’s nice. So can everyone else, and they don’t have the same highsec perma-victim mindset that ensures they will never do anything more than AFK mine a bit and build a token amount of stuff.

Do not assume that hi-sec mining is not profitable.

I never said it isn’t. It can give you a small profit, it just adds nothing to the game as a whole and smart industry players would prefer that you quit so they make more ISK.

I have the billions of ISK in ships to prove otherwise.

And yet no PvP ability. Sure sounds like you’ve built a bunch of meaningless hangar ornaments and never done anything with them.

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Not everyone plays with lots of friends or even other players. I am a solo toon doing very well and don’t care much for being told to fly with others.
There are already minerals that I have to buy right now. Just adding to the list makes it even more dificult for indy toon to make the ships and ammo PVP’ers destroy on a regular basis.


Edit: Oh n/m, I see you replied to my post miles up, not my one discussing solo.

EVE is not just a PVP game. There are many different paths for people to take.
Can you build anything? Or just a way of making others follow you blindly. To set the record strait… not every miner is AFK mining.

Sounds like you know nothing about indy players.

You couldn’t be more wrong. I an not a PVP player, nothing says everyone should or has to be one. I am a PVE player with the ability to run level 4 missions solo which I do from time to time just for a change.


Ok? You can make the choice to play in a less than optimal way, but you forfeit the right to complain that the game is too difficult.

EVE is not just a PVP game.

It absolutely is a PvP game. The entire game game that matters is focused on PvP: the player-driven economy depends on it to exist, and the conflicts are entirely PvP. The only pure PvE elements (missions, anomalies, etc) are tacked-on nonsense that could easily disappear without losing anything but a few angry farmers.

To set the record strait… not every miner is AFK mining.

Then leaving highsec shouldn’t be a problem. Lowsec and nullsec are only impossible obstacles if you insist on obliviously farming while mostly AFK and can’t take action to defend yourself.

Sounds like you know nothing about indy players.

I know more than you, since I understand the fact that profit in EVE’s industry side is a zero-sum game and fewer people doing industry means a greater share of the profit for the people who remain.

I am a PVE player with the ability to run level 4 missions solo which I do from time to time just for a change.

The fact that you consider level 4 mission farming, one of EVE’s easiest and most menial activities, to be something worthy of bragging about is proof beyond any question that you have contributed nothing of value to the game.

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I guess I should start out by apologizing for the way I have been replying to your comments. I can clearly see that you have strong feelings about the way you play and I have mine. Just because I don’t play the game the same as you does not mean that I am right and you are wrong or vice-versa.
We each have ways of playing that are enjoyable to each of us. Sounds like to me that you enjoy PVP. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that. I am glad you have a way that you enjoy doing in the game. I enjoy playing the way I do.


After 17 years of constant strip mining Eve has a temporary asteroid shortage. Capsuleers will have to blow up some planets and mine the stars. This change will be assimilated and min/maxed before CCP can hire the next group of Devs. There is no crying in eve online.

-Add Ice to moon mining.

There is the consideration that also players are now carefully cutting off splinter constellations with connections to null. Look around the map, there are tons of locations where a Null-Sec or Low-Sec corp can literally choke point and blockade access into a system, then use the cut off low sec- high sec bubble with access to null sec. [especially NPC null] You are all set you have the resources and don’t need to trade. You are self-sufficient again.

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I don’t doubt it. But you have to accept the fact that your choice to play under certain self-imposed limitations is a major drawback in EVE, and supporting your play style would mean holding back necessary progress for the game as a whole. You are welcome to try to do as best you can in the new world of EVE, but the fact that you will suffer losses is not worth considering.

I’m not sure what you mean by this part of your post.

If we indies don’t build it, you don’t have targets or things to destroy those targets with.
Not sure how else to say that we don’t play the same way there is nothing wrong with it.


Not quite, the Endurance has some really weird tricks up its sleeves. If you are in a low threat area. Having a salvager or two attached means you can salvage rats your drones kill. The fact you have 100% reduction in cloak bonus allows you to move away from a position before an opponent can close in really fast. The 300% ore bonus is nothing to sneeze at. Under the right conditions and upgrades and circumstances. And Endurance can chew through alot simple ores very rapidly. Even it makes using Civilian miners very tempting. If you upgrade all the mine boost upgrades that ship can really turn things on its head in resource collection.

The Prospect is a different special beast. We are doing an experiment on a stat we found. So I am not at liberty to say what it is. But the Prospect might be the best Covert Op/Mining Ship in the game hands down. And because of its unique capacities it probably is a mandatory ship to get hands on if you want to deep-strike into enemy territory. Its “weak” in the fact it has no drones. So you really have to babysit it more. Now it probably could be a really cool “privateer” miner, since it can equip two weapon slots which would allow you to attack other mining ships fairly effectively

The other factor is there are some special modules that kind of make other standard builds look absolutely out of date or inefficient. The rare Wild Miner being one said such unique mining equipment.