Resource System

I can point to dead Rorq too, that didn’t seem to stop them.

I’m all for this. I didn’t mean to imply you wanted the ship deleted but rather their roles.

I still rather see all of NE hit with a resource drought though…with Rorq nerfs too. Plus this drive conflict as mentioned which is desperately needed.

For that to have the intended consequences it is even more imperative that Rorquals cannot simply fly around and strip the belts as locust fleets do today. Their role would stay the same, by the way. It would even be returned to the first iteration of mining yield improvements. It would again mine as much as 4 or 5 Hulks if you want to risk Excavs.
The only difference is that it would be only 1 Rorqual per resource agglomeration, not 20 or 30. All the other alts would be in easier to engage and disrupt ships. You would have to manage your Excavs and keep emptying your exhumers and keep an eye on the twitch intel streams and overview.

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IMO only Rorqual scalability needs to be nerfed. It’s to common to see 6+ characters belonging to one player mining out tons of minerals.

Just split asteroid fields in to numerous smaller asteroids similarly to the moon mining and suddenly it would be more difficult to utilize large Rorqual fleets and mining barges would be more interesting option as well.

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