Resource Wars LP Store in Player Citadels

i see no reason why the Resource Wars LP Store (faction depending on region) cant be access able in a player citadel. so ccplz :wink:

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If you add a Module which is sold by the Empire you are promoting and use the Specific Racial Fuel and Certifies to maintain it online… OK, fine.

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Would this only work in high sec citadels or go beyond?

since resource wars are only in highsec i guess it make sense if it only works in highsec. so no worry s about cheap replacements in low/null that would throw of the balance.

To be fair, I’d have no issue with them be available in other parts of space. Prices are high to begin with not to mention the suggestions to make it a module that requires fuel. I don’t see the value of just having a store.

It feels like a more fleshed out mechanic would involve an empire selecting a freeport fortizar (if players take away freeport designation, NPCs leave) and making that the base of operations (for two weeks) for a roaming level 4/5 NPC agent with double pay and missions tailored to address the pirate invasion.

NPCs would online a faction store module when they arrive (taking it with them when the go) and cover the costs of all station fuel for the structure owners for two weeks. Station owners also have the secondary benefit of increased activity to their structure from mission runners.

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