Resource wars public fleets?

are there any? if so HMU.

There won’t be any, because it doesn’t make sense. If you want to join a RW fleet, then join the channel ‘ressource wars’ ingame and ask for a fleet (Post your ship and what you want to fly e.g. caldari lvl 3 if you have the standings)

If you’re solo, then you’ll be able to go as far as level 3 without any help, using a Prospect (see fit below)… Serpentis Rats are the easiest to tank and they don’t break your Target lock all the time, which helps the countdown. To do level 4 and 5 you’re going to need an alt (2 alts are best) with a similar fit…

Prospect Fit (Cap Stable)
EP-S Mining Laser (Reach to 16k, half cycles) x 2
5mn Cold-Gas MW
Pithi A-type Small Shield Booster ( 60m ISK)
Thermal Dissipation Amp II
Power Diagnostic System II x 3
Damage Control II x 1
Small Capacitor Control Circuit II x 1
Small Anti-Kenetic Screen Reinforcer II x 1

Just orbit the site at 500 and run the Booster, but not the MW, run the lasers at half cycles, then MW to the Orca’s. I usually collect all the Ore first, then unload.
Collecting 30k is tight solo, but doable with less than a minute to spare.

It scales far better with an Alt though for obvious reasons.

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