Solo hunting Raznborg

Hi I would like to try hunting Raznaborg. They are really interrupting my happy peaceful mining time so a bit of pay back is in order. Can anyone recommend a good solo fit that I could use. I fly Amarr ships
Any help gratefully received

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There’s quite a few fits you could use, but it depends on where you are planning to hunt them. If it’s just the ones that show up in belts, your options are many. If you’re going for anything bigger, your options start to slim. I use an Orca to kill them in belts while I mine, and a Rattlesnake in EC’s, so I can’t help you with an Amarr fit, but now you have me curious…so I’ll try some out and get back to you.

EDIT: I now realize I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to Amarr ships. :wink: I can only suggest you put together a Gnosis or Praxis…sorry. Hopefully someone else can help.

Hi Rixa and thanks yes it in belts in hisec. Any options Greatly welcomed. An orca sounds good don’t think I have the isk for that :thinking::thinking:

Web and pulse lasers. Battlecruiser or battleship should do fine.

Mine in a Skiff. A Skiff with a flight of T2 combat drones and drone damage mods takes care of them pretty quick, and you don’t even have to stop mining…

OK thanks I will price it up. I am. Thinking I will need to mine more first to afford it. It sounds expensive

Firstly, thank-you for wanting payback rather than whining that it’s not fair.

I’ve not had a crack at the roaming Triglavians, only at the Emerging Conduits, where you get waves of the Triglavian Frigates and Destroyers - and they are tough. But I am an Amarrian pilot.

As others have said, a Battlecruiser or Battleship with pulse lasers. I’d be inclined to start with a Harbinger with heavy or focused pulse lasers, and a Webifier… put a high resistance active tank on it. If that struggles then then a Pulse Apocalypse is the step up.
Both should do you service as security mission ships as well - so they are not a complete loss. Take some salvage drones with you - Triglavian loot does have a value.


Thanks kindly for the replies I shall give it a try. No sense in whining best just kill the raznborg scum


A sturdy Procurer (EVE Uni Fittings) with T2 light drones will do the job as well. Perhaps an additional Drone Damage Amp in a low slot.
And Amarr Ships: A Maller can be well tanked, too. Should be no problem. But as always: Learning by doing :slight_smile:

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Thanks wasn’t sure if a maller would do it. I will give it a try

If you are just dealing with as few roaming Triglavian frigates you should be OK with a Maller - the more you train the Amarr Cruiser skill the better its resistances.
Don’t go near an Emerging Conduit with it; the incoming damage can be quite high!

When I came back in December of 2019, I was feeling pretty overwelmed with all the things that had changed since I left 2012.

I saw the green box that said “emerging conduit”, I thought, hey I can kill pirates. I warped to 50km away and began to fire missiles at the other ships. Within 5 seconds I had 6 Red Icons above my capacitor and my capacitor was completely empty. With 5 more seconds my Drake went Boom.

I haven’t actively gone hunting them because they are so lethal. There are several in the Corp I joined that fight them all the time but they can’t be bothered to help me figure out how to deal with all the “states” being applied at once.

I was trying to fit a Rokh, was testing it on Serpentis. A group of 5 trigs popped in. They very nearly destroyed that battleship before I could get it out of there. I’ve only successfully fought Trigs in two ships. A Skiff and an Orca (including several of those groups of 5).

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Thanks for replying I am going to have a go with a tankey maller I will let you know how I get on. I have not played really since 05 so lots new. I can’t afford a skiff and an orca is beyond reach right now. Do a maller it is I will stay away from the ECs

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