Resource Wars Question: How to solo a Gila with my Venture?

I’ve managed to complete a few of the missions, but only the ones without the Gila in the mix. If it is on grid, there just seems to be no way to stay locked on asteroids long enough to mine the required amounts.
I’ve stacked the Venture with Signal Amplifiers, Sensor Boosters and even Auto targeting systems (desperation fit).
I seem to hold lock a little longer, but my tank is so gimped that I have to warp out before the mission is finished.
If it’s just the Worms, I have no problem. My Hornet II’s can take them out one by one and my faction shield holds well.
It’s just the darn Gila’s that are giving me fits. At this point, if I see one on warp-in, I just go look for another site. Any advice?

It’s almost like these sites where designed as group content. Funny that.

Also if you are using drones you don’t need to keep the target locked for longer than a second or two to set your drones on them. They will continue attacking even without target lock.

Well, the sites do say that they are designed for solo capsuleers. Take that with a grain of salt if you will…

Your observation about drone target lock is spot on. …However, the Venture with my meager skills has a targeting range of about 20ish km (I’d have to check), and the Gila has no problem keeping out of my target lock range.

I always appreciate the advice of bittervets, but this particular scenario sounds outside your personal experience. These aren’t normal hisec belt rats. It takes much longer to kill them than normal mining in hisec, or even some comparable lowsec rats. A “normal” jammer, like a Despoiler or a Saboteur is no problem for most mining. Eventually my drones will get to it and kill it. I’ve got plenty of time.

But in this case, I’ve just got 10 or 12 minutes to mine, and being jammed by a ship I can’t approach or kill is a mission breaker. I’m wondering if it’s a problem that I can fix. Do I need a better technique, module, or skill? Or maybe it just can’t be done solo with the skillset I have.

As far as I was aware all of the resource wars sites where designed for groups. The minor sit is limited to 4 pilots, they do allow destroyers though. Even unbonused destroyers have fairly good mining yield due to the sheer number of turrets.

If you look at the Crimson Harvest tab, at the “Aid the effort” Complete a mining expedition site. You can mouse over the one of the icons and it says, for a single capsuleer.

Maybe I’m in error, I thought that was referring to the Resource War sites. Because I think I got credit for doing one of the sites and the points toward the Agency rewards.

…then again, there might have been Scotch involved, so who knows.

It wouldn’t at all surprise me if that’s just an issue with the Crimson harvest agency event. Resource wars sites are intended as group content and the rewards get split among the participants. The Crimson harvest reward points are granted individually.

As far as I can remember, every agency task so far has always said “for a single capsuleer” likely as a placeholder for if/when they bring out proper group content through the agency.

This is the first time any of the tasks have specifically directed players towards group content, and so it was likely an oversight on their part. (Although since resource wars sites can range between 2 and 10+ players depending on size of the site, I’m not sure how much more helpful putting that would actually be)

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Resource Wars expedition rewards are not split across participants; each participant is rewarded individually, regardless of how many participated in the expedition.

Having just completed a L5 expedition for Federal Strategic Materiel, I can now report the rewards as being:

  • L1: 150K ISK, 200 LP, +2% standings
  • L2: 500K ISK, 400 LP, +2% standings
  • L3: 1.5M ISK, 700 LP, +2% standings
  • L4: 3M ISK, 1000 LP, +2% standings
  • L5: 6M ISK, 2000 LP, +2% standings

Bonusses for speedy completion (ISK and LP, not standings) are:

  • Bronze: +2%
  • Silver: +6%
  • Gold: +12%
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Isk reward goes up with tier, LP reward goes up with tier, why pray tell @CCP_Turtlepower doesn’t the standing gain reward increase with tier?

Its the same 2% for a Limited site as for a Critical site?

Yup. I edited my previous post to reflect this.

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