Restarting eve from start with some bonus


I ve stopped eve more than ayear ago.I have extracted and biomass all my toons.

I want to restart. I have 100b wallet, 50b in assets and 700 skill injectors.

I want to do some FW then head for null sec.

What accounts will you make and what kind of pilots or alts on those account ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Rorq pilots :heart_eyes:

Nah, lot of things, until i’ve done everything.

Useless as fack, ikr

For FW I’d probably start out with core skills then do all the frigs and small weapon systems to 5, probably cruisers and medium weapons too. If you start flying with people you can add SP into their doctrines.

For Null I’d probably go roquals and maybe a carrier or super carrier. Add in the subcap pilot from above and that’s what a lot of people recommend for null players, Oh and fax/dread/titan skills are all nice too.

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