Advice for becoming Null ready for returning player

So I have been an off and on again player in EVE since it launched although my original character was given away to a friend long ago(RIP Spike Spiegel).

This guy only has about 35 mill SP, not great but not bad either. He can fly pretty much anything through BS of all races, can do stealth bombers/scanners on a couple races. Mostly trained for Lasers/Missles from Lev 4 mission running years ago(no great ships, just Ravens and Apocs) but training for Projectiles stuff right now because I remember for whatever reason I wanted to do that before I stopped playing again.

Null sounds fun but I see over and over again “you’ll need to be self sufficient” which I’m assuming means, an alt that funnels money to you for supplies/funnels supplies etc to your guy out in Null.

Now I have sprung for the dual training so I have a fresh guy training at the moment. What would be the best option for me to get into this sort of position?

I was thinking maybe it would be best to leave this guy in space to run missions and/or maybe get into exploration stuff(I’m a noob in this area though, no idea what to do) as a means to make money. Train the new guy to head into Destroyers(I dig them, theyre not too expensive and still put out some good fun/damage and these snazzy t3 ones are cool).

However at the same time my main is MUUUCH more set up to get into pvp than my new guy will be for at least like 1-2 months I’m sure, should I instead train this new guy up into something to make money with? If so what would be good options? Just mission running? I never did Industry or Exploration/Hacking/etc so I’m unfamiliar with the kind of money those get/work involved.

Also totally random side question but this sisters of eve epic arc, what’s it give and what kind of ships am I looking at needing for the various stages?

Thanks for reading guys and gals.

This is the “beginner’s arc”, easy except for the last-but-one activity. Last time I did the whole thing in a Tristan frigate, and I’m still a comparative n00b. It gave a couple of ships and some improvement in faction standings, nothing major that I recall though.

I’d recommend making 2-3 alts, seriously.

Alt 1, train it into trading and some basic transportation stuff so it can move your stuff around, make it Caldari, do some missions but not too many, just to get Caldari Navy faction up, park in in Jita or near and leave it there. Leave it in a neutral NPC corp.

Alt 2. HS PvE alt. Focused on combat such as missions, Abyss, DED sites etc. If you end up going for T3Cs you migth as well go for cloaking too. Leave this one in a neutral corp as well.

Your main, or alt 3. Take it into NS, join any of the big newbie friendly corps. Do it relatively soon, take a week or 2 to set up your other ones then just go for it if this is what you want to do.

You’re ready, my main has 811k SP and 250m isk made (I play alot) in a couple of weeks. Join Pandemic Horde or an alliance with a similar newbie program and jump into it. Don’t postpone what can be done today. Best of luck.

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You are ready today!
Join null-sec alliance\corporation.
Just pay attention to ”local chat” and you are 100% safe!

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Which entirely destroys the point of playing Eve - even a hi-sec carebear like me knows that…

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What happened to Spike?
Bebop is the best thing ever.

Gave it away to a corp mate like a year or so after launch, didn’t think I’d be back and I was stupid haha.

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