Restore 'pin window' button to enable compact mode and light background

Screenshot from the castor days. Third button from the right to pin the window should enable compact mode, enable light background and prevent the window from being moved. Why this no longer exists is utterly beyond me but I hope you restore this functionality.

Now I’d really like to ask for the window panel normal map to make a comeback because it was cool as all heck. Would also like the text panels and gridview to have the skeumorphic ‘lamp’ texture to come back, but I know that’ll never happen. :wink: Its just that as EVE has evolved, and the systems you guys have been building have gotten better, I just feel that the UI at least is losing some of its original charm and ‘feel’. I know its not 20 years ago, but 20 years ago the UI was futuristic as all heck and it still is. I don’t think it would disturb the photon design language at all, it would just give it a little bit of zest. Food for thought?

You can manually enable transparency on specific windows in Photon with Light Backgrounds.

I know… which is why I’m saying bring the pin button back like we had for decades so I don’t have to go through the faff of having to go through a context menu. I consider it a regression.

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