Restore the ship to the blueprint state

Why can’t the ship be restored to the state of the blueprint?
I think this is a cool idea and can provide convenience

i am not sure that i understood what you mean
if i understand correctly you would like to be able to transform back a ship into a BPC???

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For what purpose? You’d have to build it all over again…


You can reprocess it… In fact, give me the resources so you can go mine again and do the process from the start :smiley:

Fifie business woman.

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I need blueprints for AT ship, but I can’t find it, if there is a backtracking function, then it will be easier.

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I think there is a way to make blueprints but I don’t have the details. Perhaps it’s a complicated process that requires expensive skills and hard-to-get resources.
But revert back to blueprint? I think not.

Fife has two BPOs… so far.

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How does this work with T2 items, or anything really? What ME/TE does the BPC come out as? How does this even make sense lorewise, and why is it needed in-game?

What blueprints do you need?

It could be some sort of reverse engineering type thing. It would really only make sense if you could make a bpo out of the ship… because otherwise it would be a bit dumb.

I need imp bpc

For some faction ship? They’re in the lp stores. i would expect you’d be able to find them on the market… or contracts.

Here’s the Amarr Militia ship blueprint costs from the LP store. I assume one of those ships is what you’re after since you said “imp.”

He wants an Imp bpc. As in the AT ship.

oh… no… never going to happen. I thought he meant he wanted a navy ship to use in the AT. :stuck_out_tongue:

Imps are like 200 billion apiece. Good luck sir.

Also, BPOs are significantly more valuable than the components they produce.

I already have Imp, but I want to turn him into a blueprint

And if you can’t use it could I have it? That would multiply my net worth by about 400x XD :3
I really don’t see what anyone could do with an Imp BPC that they couldn’t do with an Imp. They’re cloaky, right?

…no i guess they’re not…
But transporting one under any circumstances is incredibly dangerous. What I’d do is put it in the Frigate Escape Bay of some cheap and unassuming (but very tanky) Battleship, then fly to the destination (if it’s in highsec) and if you get exploded heat your blingy abyssal AB and hardeners and pray that you’re fast enough.


But it does not work that way.

AT ships are given to people in the form of BPC. Or atleast that is how I got mine, don’t know if that if it works the same way. You win or participate in the AT and you get a BCP. Which you can then sell to somebody else or make the ships and sell/use them.

You want to revert the ship back to its BCP and component form? Why? for what reason?

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Because I want to collect this blueprint, just a simple need~