Result of "suicide whoring" on HiSec citadel KM test

I’ve heard rumors that you can’t whore on a structure KM in HiSec unless you’re actually involved in the war. Was mailed by a former corp/alliance mate or w/e about a final timer on a Tartara and given the bookmark. They thought it would be funny to see how mad the FC would be if I whored on the KM after leaving corp. Decided this was an opportunity to test if this actually worked.

So I flew out a Merlin and gave it a try.

Result: It works.

Interesting kill right skullduggery:

CCP, this killright bug might be something you want to take a quick look at. Do I have a KR with this corp, or not?

Was the structure manned?

I am curious if it shows the same if the structure was manned defending.

It was not. I am also curious about that.

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