Results of Federation Day CCP TV Quiz

Below are the winners from the three Federation Day quizzes held today on CCP TV. I will be sending each person here a whisper on Twitch to organise prizes so if your name is on this list keep an eye out for that.

If you finished in position 4 - 10 it will be easy since I can just leave you a SKIN code, but please reply with a character name - we may dish out some medals! If you finished 1 - 3 on any quiz I will definitely need you to reply so I can get your character info to provide your Omega and apparel rewards.

Rank Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Quiz 3
1 saronuyassavi WorstKenchNA Old_Imperial
2 Korsavius Jarlath_Dubhlaoich Jarlath_Dubhlaoich
3 limeythumb Old_Imperial WorstKenchNA
4 Old_Imperial SaccharineAffliction Alain_colcer
5 WorstKenchNA limeythumb Korsavius
6 Jarlath_Dubhlaoich xJx_ limeythumb
7 Ashterothi Alain_colcer SaronuYassavi
8 Contestant #524 Jules_Soter GenghisTom
9 RangerofHell SymbolicM quitecomplicatednessa
10 SaccharineAffliction ThermionDefender lauralitebrezia

Keep an eye out for the next one of these streams coming next month for Liberation Day!


Thank you very much for organizing the quiz CCP, i felt indisposed for a bit right after you finished, but my corp mates in NADSC tag along to continue the player festivities around 18:00 eve time.

So thank you to all participants and attendees, lets hope we see each other again next year around 3rd week of June.


Enjoyed this immensely thank-you quiz-masters.
I did not do as well as I would have hoped; more research indicated.

The Order of Symbolic Measures


Thanks so much for the Quiz, I really enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

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All Omega, apparel and SKIN prizes have now been delivered. Omega has been added directly to the winners preferred accounts, apparel and SKINs have been contracted* in Jita 4-4.

Please contact me via evemail if any prizes are missing.

As a bonus we’ve granted apparel rewards down to 5th place now instead of 3rd place to get more of them into your hands!

The top 10 in each quiz will also be receiving a medal, although as these need to be created they will take bit longer - please bear with us!

[EDIT] * A few recipients were provided SKIN codes directly in a whisper on Twitch, but those people have acknowledged receipt so should be all good.


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