Retribution alliance. a new way for high sec war decs - recruiting

Hi All

We are Retribution. Alliance. We have been around for years but we have now reopened.
What we want to do is give you as much content and targets as possible within high sec by war decs
We do this by aiding other war decs in high sec giving us almost unlimited number of targets
We also want to make things a challenge, to be able to allow corps to act in different situations and learn how to become skilled pvp outfit
Highsec will allow you to be able to instantly refit and gain access to market hubs but we will randomise what war decs we have. We wont pick easy targets all the time, we will randomly pick whats available, so this will allow corps to react and hone thier skills to different situations.
This could mean easy targets, it could mean fighting out numbered it could mean docking up! but it will mean fun and content for everyone. It could also mean your exposed to the meta game who knows!

Retribution. alliance is effectively a catalyst to making this happen, there are no rules, we dont care where you live, we are simply giving you the targets to make explosions.

if this interests you then either come and talk to us in our channel Retribution. Alliance or simply just make an app and its accepted instantly…

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