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Being away a long long time :face_with_peeking_eye:

Stop changing to magic land and keep it real.

Fillaments should have a module or something, skill line I dunno. Why is this even a thing.
Cyno and Jump Freighters being removed?
There’s like whole skill lines of useless crap from this.
Presume another reason for drop of players.

Scan probes need a limit or timer on being able to scan. Perhaps both.
Limit the number of times lauched probes can scan.
Limit the time between being able to scan with launched probes.
Spamming scan is … yeah. Perhaps in fairness make this apply to combat scanning probes.
If you’ve lived in WH space you know.

filemants should get removed from this game … they have destroyed more then they gave …

either cynos neither jumpfreighters were removed from this game ! stop bringing up false facts !

only 1 skill in eve is useless ! AFK Missiles !

playercount actual raising … maybe you need to inform you before you come to forum and lie !

they are limited to 8 probes ( cant vary anymore ) and they have about 6-7 secondy scantime and run out after about 1 h 15m in space!

where is the improvement ? oO most player who scan things can scan down things in max 4 runs ! often way less … i can singleshot sometimes some signatures but in most cases i have them in 2 runs !

why ? where is the improvement ? if you got combat scanned you have 6-7 seconds to see the first scan and then you can slowly start aligning, pull drones, maybe make a coffe and then warp

eve isnt fair xD and if you are aware of youre sourrodings then you never can get combat probed xD

i have lived in WH space long time and i know all of your things are ■■■■■■■■ because you only want to be lazy and afk …

If I want real I turn off every device and sit on my porch. Someone got mugged the other day I saw from my 5th floor. I didn’t have time to call police, another one jumped the jumper and beat him up. I wasn’t going to call police on that one.

Then they wouldn’t be Filaments.

It adds panache.

Someone said that was a lie but it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t even know what Cyno means and I won’t be flying a Jump Freighter, that sounds scary.

You’re nuts. NASA has probes that are still sending info from outerspace 50 years later.

If you’re afraid of combat probes then don’t undock what you can’t handle to lose.
Small-time players trying to go big and bad make me laugh.

Mor Deus, if they are mistaking what you meant to write, then perhaps actually write what you mean. I will restate what others have already said though in you do actually mean what you wrote.

They are not being removed. I used both just last night and they work the same as they always have since Jump Fatigue was added.

They already have two different types of timers.

They are limited, by the 1h 15min timer of most probes (some even have 10-15minute timers)

There already is a limit.

No…this is the freedom of speech you get on X…

Only the opinion of the owner of what ‘free speech’ really means counts…

Everything else like f.e. the so called ‘facts’ are simply not relevant…

That’s awesome. Can you tell me what this means? No really this > “?”

Now hopefully you got that. So let’s forward to the next step and apply…

" [quote=“Mor_Deus, post:1, topic:432108”]
Cyno and Jump Freighters being removed?

either cynos neither jumpfreighters were removed from this game ! stop bringing up false facts !

Perhaps you could answer or explain the next …

I am having a bit of problems following your “!” remarks to the posted “?”