Returned Scoundrel, what amusing things are there to do these days

Hi All,

I have just returned to eve after a long hiatus, and looking for things to do. I most like forcing fights onto people avoiding them, and forcing them on my own terms. I dont like multi boxing, logistics, etc, etc. I like flying low cost T1 frigs and getting lul kills. I used to do a couple of things predominantly;

  • Can flipping (usually with a few beers and a lol for the rediculous fights it provided)
  • bubble camping null sec pipes - this was also fairly amusing
  • solo roaming in an inty/fation frig (cheapish fit)

I have plenty of isk from my previous endeavours, and because i like low cost ships (approx 20bil) so I just want to get down and dirty and pick fights with noobs and people not expecting it. Can anyone suggest some activities I could get up too, in order to get myself in trouble? I really dont mind losing ships, just want some entertainment and some mails. I am not adverse to low or null sec, but would really like some high sec lol options too, as the old can flipping was probably my favorite but it seems its no longer a thing. Nothing like a few beers and raging care bear fleet after your head.

Battleorca ramraiding?

this doesn’t work anymore,
what does work is mission flipping.

essentially its

  1. scan mission runner/mission runners mtu

  2. warp in and nick something/shoot mtu

  3. maby poke some fun at the bear

  4. hope they shoot at you

havent tried it myself in a while but when i did the shoot to runaway chances were about one in eight,
provided i was in something not all that scary like an assault frigate.

they do have to choose to shoot at you so a little role play might be needed, maby have a single salvage drone out or something, gennerally just try to look as unassuming and not at all scary as possible

Are you familiar with the term “ship spinning”?

The Rogue Swarm sites bags you Drake pilots where I sit in a Thorax and just pretend to be as unassuming as possible. When they shoot rats I loot, when they drop MTU’s I pop them. FUN :slight_smile:

Have been giving it a go on Saturday. along with me attempting do try some wars.

It is the most fun i have had since starting eve almost 3 months ago.

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