Low SP player Isk generation / Engagement / Sexy Venture Blue Balling

Whats going on New Eden,

Volshan Malithsyr over here and I got some questions about making them InterStellar Kredits.

What do you fellas and gals think is the best way for a newer player? (low sp, like really low…think about your first week in Eve and shudder uncontrollably). Alright, focus…focus. I got you back. Real questions incoming. Seriously, stop thinking about it. Was a long time ago. You are fine…BRUH!!!

I was thinking about going that mission running route but I don’t want to rage quit from severe boerdom in like 2 weeks so we might be passing on that for now till I can blitz like an OG on them lvl 4’s.

My initial ideas are to do exploration relic and data sites in npc null and low sec. It’ll add RANDOMNESS AND DANGER but also profit.

Also thought about mining omber and kernite in lowsec to stage in lvl 4 mission areas for HIGH PROFITS for their implant turn ins. Also blue balling in a COMPLETE TRASH venture in low sec while those thirsty asf pirates try and track me down is hot to me. LIKE REALLY HOT. Like bruh?? You hurting so bad you want this sexy ass venture??? Come at me homie. I’ll slow burn you for a decade like that blonde you never banged in high school.

Maybe build a relationship and do logi or salvaging stuff in incursions? But I feel that’s an old boys club and hard to get into and I dont want to be labeled like SPY SPY SPY purge the SPYYYYYYY.

I don’t want to scam people and it’s kinda hard becoming a trade kingpin if you don’t have the monies to begin with.
What’s the feel of the room? You guys got any pointers? I’m legitimately thinking about doing exploration but would like some advice.

As always,
Fly dangerously out there broskis o7

Its best to commit to one path in the beginning.

So basically you gotta decide between mining, expo or missions.

Mining or missions would be easiest and fast returns.

If running missions, train the appropriate skills. Run 1s in frig, 2s in a cruiser, 3s in a BC and 4s in a BS.

Don’t run the next level till you got the skills to do so, plus you gotta grind standings anyways.

For mission running, the big money maker is LP. You use LP to buy stuff to sell.

Good luck!

Incursions aren’t purely an old boys club. There are corps that specify in running low level incursion sites with low sp entry ships. Eve rookies I think is one.

FW generates decent isk and gives opportunities for pvp.

There are plenty of corps out there that take on new bros and help them find a source of income they can use to lose ships with. You will then be able to benefit from the wisdom of their veterans.


Exploration along with gas-mining (low-sec, wormholes) have rather low investment costs upfront.

You could also grind up standings with a certain corp to do missions, but I never could bring myself to do that more than a couple of days before I found that stuff to become extremely boring. Even with having Marauders and level 4 missions available.

The big thing with making ISK is: You need to have fun doing it.
Otherwise, it becomes a second job. And if you approach it from that perspective, playing Eve pays pretty terrible compared to a IRL job. If you don’t find an activity that’s fun and makes some ISK, go work an extra hour or maw some lawn and spend the money earned on PLEX to sell.

So my advice: Do whatever you think sounds interesting at the time. And don’t be afraid to test out different things. Most entry-level activities represent more or less what you can expect in the future from the more advanced content of the same niche - just with more complexity and possible detail to sink your teeth into.

Whichever you find fun. Plan to use cheap ■■■■ out there, don’t overinvest ISK or SP for your daily adventure, get out there, maybe get blown up, chat to folks you meet along the way, sport a good attitude and have a blast.

Eventually you’ll want to find a good group that you have fun hanging out with and flying with. Hell, if you ask, many will supply you with cheap ■■■■ to go try different things out in and have fun with. So it’s even less of an ISK investment to figure out what’s fun and profitable.

Just watch out for big corps that act as newbie black holes, some of the “we’re a big corp for newbs” just want to farm newbies for corp taxes so the CEO and their cronies get rich off your back. Welcome to EVE.

Incursions? Old boys club? Well, let me introduce you to Eve Rookies Incursions.

We’ve only been part of the incursion community for almost a year and a half now and we pride ourselves on getting new players into our starter ship (the praxis) and making isk. If you can’t get into the Praxis yet, then you can come scout for us. You can also sell stacks of lyavite to us (mined from a level 2 mission).

If you’re interested, check out the info here → Eve Rookies Incursions -

The key part of what we do is we haul a bunch of blaster and laser Praxis around with us as handout ships. Come with 250m for the deposit (you get it back when you turn the ship back in). This way you don’t have to haul your own ship from focus to focus. This also allows you to see if you really like incursions before investing the isk and SP for a ship.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any “newbro” friendly options for Logi. We require our Basi pilots to have logi V since we’ve dumbed down our requirements as much as possible.

Alternatively, you can scout for us for your first 60 days in the game. We pay 5m per site completed. Making Isk: Scout for Eve Rookies Incursions -

And finally you can gets stacks of lyavite to sell to us! Making Isk: Mine Lyavite for Incursion Fleets -

Just a note: while we try to make getting isk fun (and it’s probably more than you’d be able to make by yourself in abyssals or lvl 4 missions in your first 60 days) it’s not our primary focus. We’re about learning, community and having a bit of fun. Anyone can join provided they don’t have a kill right or an active war dec.

Incursions and abyssals are my two suggestions.

Incursions can be very easy to get into and prepare you for fleet formats. Abyssals make you a much better solo pilot. Between the two of them, they can prepare you for a variety of combat roles. It’s very hard to lose money running incursions, the same is not true of abyssals lol.

In addition, once you’ve got a handle on the flow of the incursion spawns, you can make decent money doing simple things like selling ammo at the most recent spawn.

Thank you for the update my man. I take it both are more profitable in terms of knowledge and isk than mission running my brain to death?

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Absolutely. I try not to recommend content that makes people worse pilots, even if it is profitable.

Incursions are fun and social, even if you’re not talking the banter really makes the time go by. Payout is super simple. I can go a couple of hours without really noticing the time go by, and it’s nice to glance down at your wallet and see an extra bil or two with little fuss. When it’s running well, it’s a well oiled machine that nails in the basics of “F1 monkey” fleet combat.

Abyssals are comparatively brutal, and it’s very easy to bite off more than you can chew. Getting to the point where you can reliably clear level 3s is a very sensible goal. You learn a lot of skills that translate to pvp, mostly target prioritizing and active piloting to reduce incoming damage.

Incursions are definitely less exciting, but very reliable and very safe, relatively. Abyssals are almost never boring, in fact complacency can very easily get you dead. Between the two of them, lots of player skill to gain covering most of the bases of actually flying spaceships, and lots of isk to be made at reasonable rates as long as you approach them carefully.

Welcome to EvE!
It sounds like you are interested in taking risks and don’t mind losing the odd ship as long as you profit - this attitude will take you a long way in the game.
For isk with low SP requirements I’d say low sec/WH mining and exploration give good (if variable) rewards and the techniques you learn to not get caught by other players will help you in many other aspects of EvE (either avoiding danger or embracing it for fun & destruction).

Above all, make sure you are enjoying what you do; if you make enough isk to replace your ship and a bit more then you are on to a good thing!


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