Returning after 3 years >> all null assets stuck in lowsec station camped 24/7

Hi all,

Returning player from null, all my assets where moved to a NPC station in lowsec.

This station is camped by a 50-man clan litteraly 24/7. Since years. It’s their business, farming returning players with stuck assets in the station. Any ideas on how to get the stuff back ?

Blackfrog has blacklisted this system.

I’ve considered firesaling, but unsure of the price I should settle for.

Their camp consist of ~5 players with gnosis and vigilante insta-locks.

I welcome all good inputs o/

No station is camped 24/7/52.

Wait for an opportunity to present itself, and then jump the stuff out with a capital/JF.

Also, if the camps are sometimes as small as you say they are, just hire some mercenaries to break them up and let you jump through. I’m sure Noir would love to do something like this.

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JF can jump out without breaking undock invulnerability.
You are welcome.

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Since your assets were relocated automatically without the ability to choose on your part, my first step would be to file a ticket with CCP asking them to move your assets to your current home location or some system closer to you.

My second option would be to try to cut a deal with the camping team themselves. Since they’re a business, they would potentially be open to buying all your assets at say 40% of the value or something.

Third option would be to assume they aren’t really 100% combat capable every minute of every day, find out when you’re able to make a run out, grab what you can and run.

Hopefully you’ll get some other and better ideas tossed in here. Personally I wouldn’t have mentioned the regions involved or anything too specific, since basically you’re tossing out an alert to certain interested parties.

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That sounds neat. Knows anyone that could help out or a channel to ask for that help ? A JF for hire basically.

@Kezrai_Charzai I removed the details. Tbh it wouldn’t be a scoop tho, it’s their primary job, camp the station for returning players, they have been doing this for years.

which part of lowsec? Don’t rush. Go to sisi and train JF piloting. Practice 1 kick 10,000 times.:slight_smile: Use this as an opportunity to try hauling gameplay.

@Neo_Bladedrifter haha I’ve seen that video 3/4 years ago :smiley:

I just want to get the assets out, don’t want to buy a JF just for one hauling :sweat_smile:

I’ll find a JF pilot that can help out.


blackfrog says no, but have you tried red frog or PushX?

bunch of frogs…lol

redfrog is hisec only, I’ll try pushx, thanks !

Blackfrog is the LS/NS division within Redfrog, so Red Frog does in fact handle LS/NS as well and will deliver to most places with very few exceptions. Having said that, in my opinion PushX is a better service provider overall for a number of reasons, and I only use Red Frog when they match the price (PushX is usually cheaper) AND when the queue is significantly shorter. You can also try your hand at the in-game Haulers Channel where players will take any job for pennies. As usual, you can set high collateral, and if they fail the job then you’ll end up earning more in ISK than the assets were actually worth. Without intending to scam the couriers, sometimes you actually wish they’d fail just so you could net that ISK :stuck_out_tongue:.

its just a normal pirate low sec system
people live there
its not camped 24/7
get a DST and move your stuff wen you can

PushX was the MVP here ! Thanks for recommanding this great corp :medal_sports:

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