Returning Graphics Designer

Hey guys, I just returned to Eve online after a long break. I used to work through the forums on an old account and design graphics for corps.

I will be offering the same services as before;

  • Killboard Banner 100,000,000ISK
  • Corporation Logo 500,000,000ISK
  • WordPress setup and CSS styling 3b ISK

First two people to request a logo will get it FREE!
First two people to request a Killboard Banner get it FREE!



Requesting a logo please. Did I win?

Sure, please let me know what you want.

Examples, colours what you want it to say,

Did I win too? I would love a killboard banner please. Something dark and alluring, like a naked coal miner holding a marrow suggestively in the moonlight. Possibly silhouetted against the moon. Maybe he’s holding it aloft, like Leatherface holding a chainsaw? So many ideas!!

Can you draw broccoli?

Awesome. Well, I’m in a Wormhole corp. So anything nice depicting dangerous wormhole life… pvp, exploration etc.

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