Returning(maybe?) after 10 years

Reactivated my account, but before investing time again in it, there’s a few things I want to know.

1- Is it still possible to mine, etc… to earn game time cards?

2- If so, is it still possible to earn enough to cover the subscription fees ? (At least for the alt account, if I pay for one and try to earn the subscription for the second one).

Thanks in advance for your answers, and maybe we will meet somewhere in space. :wink:

PLEX underwent a split a little while back so what you knew as 1 PLEX is now 500 PLEX
It takes 500 PLEX to buy a month of game time
500 PLEX is roughly 1.6-1.7B ISK in game

I’ll leave it up to you to calculate how much game time of a give activity you would have to do to earn 1.7B ISK. A modest 20M/hr from mining would take you 85 hours a month to earn.

yes and yes

reading between the lines here though you may want to check the market price for plex and work out how much of [insert tedious activity] you would need to pull to do this

I took a nearly 10 year break before coming back with the first iteration of alpha… and eventually resubbing.

I was a bit shocked at how much easier it is to earn isk now than when I left. I know you’re seeing 1.7 billion isk and thinking WTF… but it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s fairly straight forward using planetary interaction (It wasn’t around 10 years ago… research it) to make the majority of that price. It’s a pain to set up… but a good setup in the low end of null will make you 1.2-1.5b isk per month. Low sec is more like 1-1.2b isk. More time consuming setups make more… but the point is for it to be fairly passive. That takes into account using all 3 characters on an account.

I sub and keep my isk… but don’t be afraid of the cost.

just fyi - game time codes are gone. They were replaced by the PLEX which then changed to be more “granular” (ccp’s word) as mentioned above.

As Lena said, just buy a subscription and keep the isk you make ingame for ingame things.

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